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At perimenopause, due to shifts in oestrogen levels and associated collagen production decline, the skin can become increasingly dry, tight and irritated. Skin can sag with fine lines and wrinkles, most evidentially around the mouth and eyes, due to the skin loosing overall elasticity and plumpness. Neovadiol Perimenopause Plumping Day Cream helps to target the signs of ageing that an appear as a sign of menopause, while intensely hydrating and nourishing dry skin. This rich cream, formulated with Proxylane, Cassia Seed Extract andHyaluronic Acid, makes the skin feel firmer and skin contours appear more defined. Creating the sensation of cooler skin upon application, this cream replenishes moisture, restoring a radiant and fresh look. Skin tone appears more even and fine line and wrinkles look plumped and smoother. Hypoallergenic. Tested on menopausal women with sensitive skin. Tested under dermatological control. With over 20 years of scientific research into the impacts of menopause and skin health science, VICHY has co-developed Neovadiol, skincare for perimenopause and menopause.

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