Ordering online prescriptions from Cobh Pharmacy is a safe, convenient and efficient way to order your prescriptions. Through our app, you can enter your prescription information and submit the request. If you are ordering your repeat prescription(s), it is quick and easy to just repeat your last order.

Once your order is received, the team will then process your order in our priority queue. Once your order is fully ready to collect, we will send you an SMS text message to let you know your prescription is ready to collect. Alternatively, you can request your prescription to be delivered when ordering via our app.

Online ordering can save time and allow you to avoid long waits in the pharmacy.

Download our app by clicking on the link below, or scanning the qr code with your smartphone.

Click Here

In summary, our app allows you to:

  • Order your repeat prescription(s)
  • Send in a picture of new prescription(s)
  • Search our services
  • See our special offers


Cobh Pharmacy App - Quick Setup Guide


Cobh Pharmacy App - Prescription Ordering Guide


Cobh Pharmacy App - Troubleshooting


Cobh Pharmacy App - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When I first download the app, what are the next steps?
Follow the quick setup guide above to succesfully set up your Cobh Pharmacy App.

How do I order a new prescription with the mobile app?
Follow the prescription ordering guide above to succesfully order your prescription using the Cobh Pharmacy App. 

Do I need to bring my original prescription when using the mobile app to order?
Yes, the pharmacist must review the original prescription and stamp it before dispensing the medication. This is a regulatory requirement.

How do I know the pharmacy has received my order?
Once you submit the prescription order, you will receive the below message.

What happens next?
Once the prescription is ready, we will send you a message that it is ready.

Can I use the app for repeat prescriptions?
Yes, we recommend that you leave your repeat safely on file with us. This means we can more easily process future prescription orders from the mobile app.

Is the app GDPR compliant?

Yes, the app is GDPR complaint. In the app, you can view the privacy policy and close your account which will remove your data from our servers. On request, the pharmacy can also export your app related data.

How secure is my personal information?
Your information is very secure. All patient and prescription information are encrypted on the device and in transit.