Winter Vaccination 2023

You can receive both your Flu Vaccination and Autumn Covid-19 Booster as part of the same appointment at Cobh Pharmacy.

COVID-19 Vaccine - Booster Dose

Available now

The protection from previous doses or a COVID-19 infection may weaken over time. Booster doses help boost your antibodies and give you good protection from becoming seriously ill or needing to go to hospital if you get COVID-19.

A first booster is recommended for all adults age 18 years and older. After this, seasonal boosters are recommended for some people.

For more information on the covid vaccine booster dose follow this link:

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Who can get an Autumn Booster:

A booster dose will be offered  if you are:

  • Age 50 and older
  • Age 12 or older with a weak immune system
  • Age 12 to 49 with a condition that puts you at high risk of serious illness from COVID-19
  • A healthcare worker


Flu Vaccine 

Available now

The flu is a contagious viral infection that spreads every winter. Getting the flu vaccine is the best way to protect yourself against flu.The best time to get the flu vaccine is before the flu season starts each year.

Follow this link to find out if you are eligible for the free Flu Vaccine for at risk patients:
If you are not eligible for a free flu vaccine, private flu vaccines are available for €30.00.
For more information on the Flu vaccine follow this link:
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The Nasal Flu Vaccine for Children

The Nasal Flu Vaccine for Children is now  available. The Flu vaccine for all children between the ages for 2 and 12 years is free.
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