COVID-19 Vaccine - Booster Dose

The protection from previous doses or a COVID-19 infection may weaken over time. Booster doses help boost your antibodies and give you good protection from becoming seriously ill or needing to go to hospital if you get COVID-19.

A first booster is recommended for all adults age 18 years and older. After this, seasonal boosters are recommended for some people.

To book your Covid-19 Vaccine:

Please call us on 021-4811341


Who can get an Autumn Booster: As of 18/02/2024

  • Those aged 12 years and over who require primary course vaccination
  • Those who are pregnant and require a booster dose 


    To find out if you will be eligible for the autumn booster, follow this link:

    First booster dose

    Some people have not had their first booster dose.

    At least one booster is:

    • recommended for people age 18 and older
    • available to people age 12 and older

    Wait 4 months after your last COVID-19 vaccine or COVID-19 infection.

    For some people who need protection sooner, you can get your first booster 3 months after your last COVID-19 vaccine or infection.


     The following steps can be followed;
    1. On the link, you enter your email and create a password.

    1. This brings you to a calender when you can chose from available dates and select the '+' button.

    1. You then enter the patient details for the person you are booking for.
    2. You must then fill out a consent form questionaire to ensure you meet the criteria for the vaccine.
    3. When this has been checked, you will receive a confirmation email of your booking.

    Appointments tend to fill up quickly, so if appointments are full we have a waiting list which you can join at:

    We will email a booking link to everyone on the waiting list as soon as each supply of vaccines is received so that these patients get priority access.

    We will be working our way through the waiting list in accordance with HSE guidelines and in order of date registered.

    If there is a cancellation, we will go to the next person on the waiting list. We do not have a separate cancellation list.