At CobhPharmacy we offer a blister packing service to our patients because for many people of all ages, taking three or more medications can be managed simply by using blister packs. Blister packing is a very convenient, portable, and simple way to manage your medications.

A blister pack makes it easy to take the right medicines at the right time by dividing your tablets into separately sectioned blisters, each marked with the time of day when the tablets should be taken.


Need help remembering when to take your medicines? 

We offer a blister-packing tray service for those taking medicines on a long-term basis.

Cobh Pharmacy will dispense your medicine into trays with separate compartments for the days of the week and time of day to help you keep track of your medicines and get the best results from them. This is especially helpful if you take multiple medicines, worry about taking your medicines incorrectly, or are caring for someone who has specific medication requirements.

There is a small charge for this service. To avoid having to pay this fee, your GP may be able to request approval for this service. If you would like more information, please feel free to ask a member of staff.


This dispensing system benefits those who:

  • Take multiple medicines
  • Worry about missing a dose or taking too much accidentally
  • Care for someone who takes multiple medicines
  • Worry about taking and managing medicines on holiday
  • Recently home from hospital and suddenly have a lot more tablets to take.
  • Looking after someone who is visually impaired.
  • On a complex medication regime.


Our blister packs make sure that the right medication is taken in the right way. Multiple blister packs may be collected at once, or in phased installments depending on the wishes of you and your doctor. Discuss this service with the pharmacist next time you are in.