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Vichy's Liftactiv 0.2% Pure Retinol Specialist Deep Wrinkle Serum is designed to visibly reduce lines and wrinkles, improve overall skin tone and boost skin's radiance for a healthy-looking, youthful appearance. Formulated with our highest concentration of the anti-ageing skincare superstar active, pure retinol, and combined with 1% probiotic derived fractions, a cultured bacterial lysate known for its skin repairing properties. This lightweight milky serum marries efficacy and tolerability. Designed to nourish the skin as well as help promote skin elasticity, firmness, suppleness, and skin surface cell renewal. Tested on all skin types and tones. Clinically proven. Fragrance free skincare. The Hygienic applicator makes it easy to apply the perfect amount of serum (2-3 drops) by squeezing the base of the applicator. Tested in Vichy’s biggest ever clinical study on a single product, over 5 months with more than 15,000 applications. CLINICAL RESULTS AFTER 8 WEEKS: 84% agree skin feels renewed AFTER 16 WEEKS: 92% agree skin feels firmer, 90% skin feels more supple, 88% skin looks plumped

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