Lactulose Fresenius 500ml

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What it is
Lactulose is a very widely used laxative, which uses a form of osmotic effect to help relieve constipation in a gentle, reliable way.

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Always take this medicine exactly as described in this leaflet or as your doctor or pharmacist
has told you.

Check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.

Take your doses at the same time each day. The dose may be given once daily, for example
during breakfast, or divided up to three doses a day.
Swallow the medicine quickly. Do not keep it in your mouth.
You can take Lactulose Fresenius oral solution undiluted or diluted in some liquid. Use the
measuring cup provided.
During the treatment with laxatives, you should drink sufficient amounts of fluids (approx. 2 l/day, equal to 6 - 8 glasses).
The recommended dose is:
For Constipation:
Starting dose Maintenance dose

15 - 45 ml corresponding to 10 - 30 glactulose 15 - 30 ml corresponding to 10 - 20g lactulose

Use in children and adolescents.

Starting dose Maintenance dose
Adolescents over 14 years 15 - 45 ml corresponding to 10 - 30 g Lactulose 15 - 30 ml corresponding to 10 - 20g lactulose

(7 - 14 years)
15 ml corresponding to 10 g lactulose 10 - 15 ml corresponding to 7 - 10 g lactulose

(1 - 6 years)
5 - 10 ml corresponding to 3 - 7 g lactulose

Babies up to 5 ml corresponding to up to 3 g lactulose

Thereafter the dose can be reduced individually.

The daily dose should be taken at once during breakfast. It can be taken 2 - 3 days until the desired effect will be achieved since lactulose is not degraded until it reaches the colon.


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