Garnier Micellar Rose Water Cleanse & Glow 400ml

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Clean, refresh and revive your skin with the Garnier Micellar Rose Water Cleanse & Glow. A combination face cleanser and makeup remover, this micellar water gently lifts away lingering dirt, grime and impurities from the skin’s surface.

The nourishing formula utilises the calming benefits of Rose Water to soothe stressed areas of skin. This effective ingredient draws out excess oils that may be congesting the pores, encouraging a refined and radiant visage. Micelles capture stubborn traces of makeup and debris to help thoroughly freshen the skin.

Suitable for even sensitive skin types, this all-in-one cleansing water promotes a clean and vibrant complexion without the need to rub or rinse, supporting a natural-looking glow in its wake.

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