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Blephaclean Eyelid Cleansing Wipes 20 Pack


What it is Blephaclean eyelid cleansing wipes are a sterile cleansing pad ideal for the daily cleansing of eyelids. Blephaclean can be used in managing blepharitis, to clean eyelids during infection or inflammation (conjunctivitis, styes or chalazia) and also to remove eye makeup. Each pack contains 20 ready to use, sterile pads. Blephaclean is gentle enough to use on babies from 3 months old, to clean and treat 'sticky eye'. Blephaclean is the only CE marked medical device for eyelid cleansing. Clinically proven Suitable from 3 months of age 20 ready to use sterile pads Preservative free, paraben free, perfume free and soap free No need to rinse afterwards