Seabond Denture Fixative Seals - 15 Upper Seals

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What is it

Seabond Denture Fixative Seals guarantee to hold the gum tight all day. The triple action seals have been designed to seal out any food particles and also promise comfort. 

How to use

  • Place dry Seabond seal on denture. 
  • if too large, trim overlapping seal with scissors.  
  • Clean denture thoroughly.  
  • Moisten seal with warm water.  
  • Position moistened seal carefully onto denture.
  • Smooth any wrinkles with fingers. 
  • Place dentures in mouth.Hold firmly until secure.
  • If seal does not hold, moisten seal more thoroughly.  
  • To remove seal from denture, lift corner and peel away.
  • Change seal daily.

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