Rosie For Inglot 365 Skin Perfector - Champagne Bronze

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Blur, lighten, airbrush, and glow your way to success!
The '365 Skin Perfector' is a game-changing product and a true gem in the Rosie for Inglot Collection's crown. The extremely light base smoothes the skin, blurring and levelling up your complexion.
These beauty bases can be used on their own, under, over, or mixed in with your foundation on a daily basis. A year-round beauty secret!
The skin appears airbrushed but natural thanks to the soft focus, naturally smooth finish! This proprietary recipe enhances your skin tone while leaving a beautifully pearlescent sheen, and comes in three hues ranging from light to deep tan.
Infused with white truffle and high-definition light-reflecting pigments to aid skin regeneration and reduce the number of days spent in the sun.

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