Flu Vaccine Update 23/10/20

As you may have heard, there is huge demand for the flu vaccine this year. Because of this, the HSE have allocated the vaccines so that the most at risk groups get the vaccines first.

As of today, the priority risks groups now specified from the HSE are:

Highest Priority Risk Group (to be vaccinated first)

• People aged 65 years and older

• Healthcare workers and home care workers with direct patient contact

Additional risk groups (to be vaccinated subsequently)

• Pregnant women

• Individuals with underlying health conditions

• Other healthcare workers

If you are on our waiting list, please be aware that we must vaccinate the priority ‘At Risk’ Groups first so your waiting time will be longer than expected. We thank you for your understanding that we must put the most vulnerable first.

For Children, aged 2-12, the FREE nasal vaccine is available and there are no supply issues for this vaccine. Call us on 021 4811341 to organise an appointment for children.