No more waiting…Text Collect

In an effort to reduce customer waiting times in store, Cobh CarePlus Pharmacy have introduced the Text & Collect Service. This service is for customers who are on regular medication by way of a repeat prescription. Once your prescription is on file you can opt in to the Text & Collect Service.

How Text & Collect works

If you collect medication regularly and opt into the Text & Collect Service you will be sent a text message 2 days before your prescription is due to be refilled. The text-collect will ask if you would like your medication prepared in advance. If you reply “Y” or “Yes” the medication you last received will be dispensed and will be ready to be picked up at your convenience, if you do not want to have your prescription pre-dispensed then there is no need to reply to the text.Reply text messages will cost your standard network rate, only one reply text message is required to confirm.

Join Our Text and Collect Service

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A little bit about privacy

By opting in to this service you have given Cobh CarePlus Pharmacy, permission to text you to announce that your repeat prescription is due. Under no circumstances will your phone number or prescription details be shared with any party outside Cobh CarePlus Pharmacy,  and never will any details of your medication be included in the text message. Cobh CarePlus Pharmacy will only text you once a month and will not text you for any marketing purposes.